Stochastic Resonance is a creative hub which, by synthesizing different disciplines together through artists, engineers, designers and musicians, explores the interconnections between music, emerging technologies and human perceptions, as means for innovative forms of expression.

As in the physical phenomenon of the same name, in which a low level signal is amplified through the addition of random signals — noise —, in Stochastic Resonance, a concept idea is developed through a noise of personal interpretations and interdisciplinary experimental stimuli.

These contributions, resonating with each other often in unexpected ways, can be stratified into a final unitary-work, which, yet retains its multifaceted genesis allowing for a deeper perceptual experience of it. This approach aims to create new languages, tools and methodologies to expand and merge creative and technical horizons.

In this context, sound it’s been one of the driving factors of our research; capable, like few others, of connecting different disciplines together.
For this reason Stochastic Resonance, from its inception, also acts as an independent music label.