Music for Trees – 13 October 2018


In the evocative setting of the Urban Park of Aguzzano in Rome, the long-awaited autumn event of Stochastic Resonance returns and this year also wants to be a party to celebrate the arrival of little Arianna, the youngest SR fan.
Art and Nature will merge into a single entity, made of sounds, rustle of the leaves and sound of the wind to be enjoyed in maximum relax lying down watching the sky at low volume for a full immersion with nature itself.
There will be various live performances by members and dear friends of Stochastic Resonance who will offer a totally unique show of its kind.
For the maximum respect of nature and to maximize the experience of integration between nature and art, the performances will be powered by a portable plant with a renewable energy source of our conception that will guarantee the necessary energy for the whole duration of the event in complete silence; not disturbing the performances and ensuring the highest quality of listening.
The event is completely free and you are invited to bring a mat with you, something comfortable to lie down to enjoy the event and maybe even something to sip. =)
Given the peculiarities of the event, in case of rain we will be forced to cancel the event.


13.00 – 15.00 Lunch and set up

PERFOMANCE starting from 15.00:
15.00 Alexia Robbio
15.30 Imok
16.00 Ynaktera
16.30 Angelina
17.00 Agan
17.30 Leila + UKQWJB
18.00 Alessandro Coltorti + Ynaktera

More details here