Stochastic Resonance is an independent label that moves within the experimental electronic scene in Rome. SR offers high-quality products and outputs, whose ultimate goal is not only distribution and selling, but is found in the uniqueness of its artistic projects, which move between experimentation and harmony, sliding the sensible impulse into multimedia.
Stochastic Resonance is a network of artists devoted to experimentation with new forms of communication, resulting from the collaboration between different audio-visual-creative, digital and electronic languages , in order to produce a deeper and more perceptive work thanks to the mixture of genres and different sensory contributions.
The label takes its name from the physical phenomenon of the stochastic resonance, where a low-level signal becomes louder and perceptible through the addition of other signals or even noise, the non-signal for excellence.
Taking inspiration from this awesome phenomenon, in SR projects, an idea is developed through a noise cloud coming from different sensitivities, producing a unique style in which beauty and technical are the two halves of a single, deeper thrust of contemporary art.


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